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  Introduction to Managing and Updating Magento with CSV's/ Speadsheets

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Possibly the one subject that will save you the most amount of time dedicated to running your Magento 2 store!

Running a Magento store can be a time consuming business so finding areas where you can save time and improve efficiencies can only be a good thing. This chapter is all about that!

One of the most time consuming tasks for most store owners is keeping products up to date, that may be price, descriptions, stock, or anything else for that matter. Updating this manually is a time consuming and laborious task requiring you to go into each product in the admin and make the change. If you haven't got someone looking over your shoulder then there is no check to see if the change made is correct and so is prone to human error. Changes also take a long time and if you

Does this ring true for you? If it does then make sure you watch this chapter, if it doesn't then watch this chapter anyway, you may learn something that will help you shave some time off you day!